Over the Last Few Years​.​.​. (live recording)

by Joaquin Garcia

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recorded by Pedro y el Lobo


released March 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Joaquin Garcia Ciudad De México, Mexico

Pedro y el Lobo (2014)

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Track Name: Heading West
She was born late December,
he was born late last afternoon
I wonder how they went on through
without anyone noticing
You never know just how is happens
never know just how to fit in sense
Only take what you have coming...
Heading west...

When I was a little greener,
a little more than I am now
thought I was a western hero,
caught inside another time
but war just swept right under
while I was hiding in the shed
Only take what you have coming...
Heading West...

Together and alone...
Heading west...
Track Name: The Line
My mother does not stop me
from cursing through the evening.
She understands I'm angry,
in a world that doesn't suit me,
moving too rapidly.
And my friends all talk the same,
but their folks don't understand.
My friends never get things done
'cause they're arguing at home.
I don't know why they can't see how
it's so easy to change with a tide.
and end up behind enemy lines.
It's so easy to change with a tide,
my son, you don't have to change your name.
You're not in another's game, refrain.
Man, all they do is head into the darkness
as if following the sun.
Always on the run,
never get things done.
I don't know why they lost their sky.

If there is a line
you can stand on both sides doing fine.
If there is a line
and you need truth look towards the sky.
If there is a line
you can stand on both sides doing fine.
If there is a line
mother, I don;t care for where I stand
mother, I don't care for where I am...
Track Name: It's been said
It's been said,
the end was here before,
it's better just to fold.
And I heard,
it's not worth fighting for,
it's never worth the fall

Maybe it's me
but planted puzzles in your bed
all about books you've never read
they never pardon
it comes through gallops in your head
the feelings echo 'till you're dead
then they don't matter

And I can't act like I should care
'bout politics and air

Maybe it's me
but from the height of my treehome
we all look clueless, all alone
and never free.
It may sound beautiful to see
all the things your garden springs
but not for me

Perhaps all I need to see is the sunrise,
All I need to hear is the cry

Don't they all act like they know what they talk about?
Track Name: Uneven
Uneven when I stay,
secret parts of me away
Uneven when I lie,
secret hopes in me arise
So try to read me
Follow my movement
My ears are ready
To hear your changin'
I've been around
And it's been said

They call me red
Flame to be fed
I don't mind
Flame left behind
They say I've burnt
Our small town down
I say I'm smoke
Lifted from the ground
Bright eyed...

And even when you stay,
secret hopes in you my love away.
Uneven when you lie,
secret hopes in you, my love, arise
Call it uneven
Moving past the feeling
Call it uneven, I do